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Two new species discovered

by on Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Two species of new frogs of Pseudophiluautus were described in January 2011. One of these, P. schneideri was found from Sinharaja World Heritage site. It is often found in disturbed areas and forest gaps. The other frog, P. hankeni, was found from the highest peaks of the Knuckles mountain range. Because of the very restricted distribution of this species, this will eventually be categorized as a critically endangered species.

Crocidura hikmiya, an endemic shrew from Sinharaja World Heritage Site

by on Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

A new endemic species of shrew, Crocidura hikmiya (Sinharaja Shrew) was recently described by us using molecular and morphological data, from the Sinharaja and Rakwana mountains of Sri Lanka. Its closest sister species is the Sri Lankan Long-tailed Shrew, another Sri Lankan crocidurine shrew that is restricted to the high-elevation habitats of the Central Highlands. C. hikmiya has a shorter tail than the Sri Lankan Long-tailed Shrew; most of the other characteristics that distinguish the two species are osteological in nature. Suyama led this research, with Madhava, Kelum, Rohan and Chris contributing.