First study of the Chodrocranium of a Sri Lankan tadpole

by Madhava Meegaskumbura on January 22nd, 2012

We studied the external, oral and  chondrocranial morphology and ecology of Ramanella obscura.
The genus Ramanella is only found in India and Sri Lanka. The particular species that we focussed on is Endemic to Sri Lanka.
The tadpoles are tree-hole or small-ground-pool dwellers that feed on particulate matter and infusoria both in the substratum and the water column, for which they have morphological adaptations. No other anuran tadpoles were observed in to co-occur with R. obscura tadpoles.
Chondrocranium is the embyological skeleton that is entirely made up of cartilage. Since the chondrocrania of only 12 species belonging to just 10 genera have ever been described, we thought it would be useful to study this.
It was all patience-testing work, and Gayan, as always, did absolutely brilliantly.