PI: Dr. Madhava Meegaskumbura (Senior Lecturer Grade I) – CV

Graduate students

Nayana Wijayathilaka: PhD (UoP) Ecology & phylogenetic relationships of Sri Lankan Microhylidae (Amphibia: Anura)

Gayani Senevirathne: MPhil (UoP): Phylogenetic, morphological and ecological correlates of Sri Lanka’s endemic genera of anurans (Anura: Adenomus, Lankanectes, Nannophrys and Taruga)

Beneeta Jayawardena: MPhil (UoP): Phylogeography & systematics of Sri Lankan Microhylidae (Amphibia: Anura)

Kasun Randika: MSc: Phylogeography of the Systomus of Sri Lanka

Samantha Pushpakumara: MSc: Export-trade and conservation related issues of Sri Lankan freshwater fishes

Undergraduate students

Hiranya Sudasinghe: Molecular phylogenetics and phylogeography of Puntius

Terrance Sylvester: Phylogenetic relationships and species boundaries of a clade of diminutive shrub frogs (Rhacophoridae: Pseudophilautus)

Aravinda de Silva: Phylogenetic relationships and patterns of gene flow in two closely related endangered species of Shrub Frogs (Rhacophoridae: Pseudophilautus)

Tithira Lakkana: Thermoregulation and growth in Otocryptis weigmanii, an endemic agamid blizzard of Sri Lanka

Bhagya Herath: Microhabitat utilization, temperature correlations and vocalisation of Pseudophilautus cavirostris, an endangered shrub frog.

– Past members –

1. Jayampathi Herath: MSc (UoP): Evaluating the status of an inter-basin translocation of four species of endemic Sri Lankan fishes

2. Aruni Gunarathna: Vocal repertoire and individual variation of Dull Green shrub frog (Pseudophilautus viridis) (Graduated – Demonstrator at Dept. of Zoology, UoP)

3. Dhanushika Wijekoon: Effects of Mancozeb on growth, behavior, survival, metamorphosis and development of the Common Hourglass tree frog (Polypedates cruciger) (Graduated – Demonstrator at Dept. of Zoology, UoP)

4. Gayani Senevirathne: Ossification patterns and processes within a monophyletic group (Rhacophoridae: Taruga, Polypedates and Pseudophilautus) (Currently finishing her MPhil thesis; planning PhD work)

5. Shamindri Tennakoon: Systematics of Cerithiform gastropods (Superfamily Cerithioidea) in miocene of Sri Lanka (Graduated – currently at University of Florida, reading for a PhD in paleontology/paleobiology)

6. Vishvapali Kobbekaduwa: Species boundaries and divergence times of Cophotis spp. of Sri Lanka (Graduated – currently at Michigan State University, reading for a PhD)

7. Nirodha Abayalath: Predicting potential distribution of four endemic damselflies (Zygoptera: Protoneuridae) in Sri Lanka based on Maxent ecological niche models. (Following an MPhil at the Department of Animal Science, University of Peradeniya).

8. Santhushya Hewapathranage: Heavy metal sequestering in serpentine inhabiting invertebrate tissues (Graduated – Research Assistant at Dept. of Zoology, University of Peradeniya)

9. Waruna Agalawatta: Vocal repertoire of Blue-Thighed shrub frog (Pseudophilautus caeruleus): spectral and temporal variation (Graduated – currently an Environmental Officer)

10. Yasangi Edirisinghe: Systematics of the Sinharaja White, Purple-Faced Leaf Monkey, Tachytrachypithecus vettulus) (Graduated – Completed graduate studies at Sydney University)

11. Tharindu Gunatillaka: Vocalization characteristics override phylogenetic signal in green colored Sri Lankan Pseudophilautus species (Graduated – community conservation activities in Sri Lanka)

12. Ranjeev Epa: Reconstruction of the paleoenvironment of the Aruwakkalu Miocene fossil bed (Graduated – currently at University of Ohio, reading for a PhD in paleobiology)